Repair damage chimneys

Remove chimneys

Reduce Size of chimney

Replace old for new

Re-Build new chimneys




Garden Walls - re-point & build

Re-Pointing Walls & Chimneys

Re-Build Chimney


We do a lot of work on all of these three categories and all of our customers that have had these services recommend us to other people due to our high standard of work.

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Chimneys do require a little maintenance from time to time.

 It is best getting them checked as they are often overlooked.


Before    After 

A quick check is all that is required to see if there is any evidence of cracked and/or crumbling mortar.

Over time the weather will erode the mortar.

Occasionally a new roof may be installed and the chimney may be overlooked but it is important as you wouldn't want to risk the chimney deteriorating to the point that it collapses, which may damage the roof, or vehicles or hurt someone if it does fall.

 If your chimney is damaged in any way then our team of workers are able to repair all of the problems that are causing you concern.

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Cracked and crumbling mortar, also shows signs of needing re-pointing

Re-set the tops of the chimney and re-pointed

cracked and crumbling mortar and weed growth

Chimney re-pointed and new mortar in place

Flashing in place

Chimney is stabilized and will last for many years