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Dry Ridge Systems

Ridges and verges are part of the roof fixtures and play an important part of the roofing system.

 The old 'wet' ridge and verge is where mortar is used to fix the ridge tiles to the top of the roof.  A traditional verge is built on the fascia.  The edge of the pitched roof, where it meets the gable end is called the verge.  Mortar or 'wet' verge, as it is known, is a cement based mixture that covers the ends of the tiles to prevent water getting into the roof and causing damage.  However, over time, with the weather climate, this eventually causes the mortar to crack and then crumble.  Birds, or small animals will be prevented entering the roof space and causing damage, as well as water, but when the mortar cracks it will not prevent this from happening.  Also mortar is not tolerant to the normal movement of the building, especially with an onslaught of high winds.

The Dry Ridge & Dry Verge Systems are popular as they are much more tolerable to the changeable weather in the UK.

They are more attractive to the eye and make a roof have that finished look about it.

They don't have the problems that mortar does as they are fixed to the roof and don't need mortar to secure them.

They also keep out birds and small animals.

They can allow for the normal slight movements of a building and adverse weather.

Weather proof

Much more durable than the old mortar system

Increases the roof life span

We offer them both in a wide range of colours such as Black, White, Grey, Burgundy and many others!

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Outstanding resistance to wind uplift and water penetration.


The Dry Verge System has been designed to provide an extremely cost-effective alternative that avoids all of the long-term maintenance problems - associated with mortar bedding.

Forget about mixing and all of the mess, inconvenience and subsequent problems that comes with using mortar.

With the Dry Verge System you have an alternative that saves you time, increases your efficiency and delivers significant benefits to you.


Secure fixing avoids wind uplift problems

  • Mortar free eliminating wet trades and associated problems
  • Completely weatherproof & maintenance free
  • Neat attractive appearance
  • Prevents entry of birds & large insects etc.
  • Complies fully with relevant British standards
  • Fast and easy to fit in all weather conditions
  • Compatible with most types of interlocking concrete tiles 280mm to 345mm gauge
  • Special design features
  • Exceptionally secure

Dry Verge System