Flat roof Repairs:
Install Felt Roof – ( Polyester reinforced Torch on )
We install EPDM rubber roofs
Fibreglass – G.R.P. flat roof

JM Contractors

Our flat roof repairs to give you a long-lasting guaranteed waterproofing solution.



Rubber Roofing products have many advantages over felt roofing as it is UV resistant so it doesn't need replacing very often making it very cost effective. It's also ideal to fit since there is no specialized tools needed and can usually be fit straight over your existing roof; which makes it perfect.

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Felt Roof – ( Polyester reinforced Torch on )

EPDM – E.P.D.M rubber roof

Fibreglass – G.R.P. flat roof

If you have an enquiry about a Product or Material then call us.

Flat Roofs materials tend fail and we are here to offer our services.

Flat Roofing upgrades are necessary but we will keep the price reasonable.


We complete all of out work to a very high standard and all of our customers have been 100% satisfied with the quality of our work.

Flat Roofing by JM Contractors...

Money can be saved

Contract time is minimized

Energy is saved

Extended life spans

Hardly any repairs are needed

Easily maintained

Good resistance to UK weather